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Why is my car not running properly? What’s that emergency light?

Here at JM Car Repairs we can help identify your vehicle’s problems,

using only the best equipment which we can plug into your vehicle’s

electronic control system and diagnose the fault straight away.

Should I go to my main dealer?

You don’t have to go to your main dealer to find your vehicle’s faults,

here at JM Car Repairs we will do it for you and at a fraction of the cost.


Diagnostics & ECU Remapping

Our Diagnostics Service from only £20

Our ECU Remapping Service from only £140

What is ECU re-mapping?

Re-mapping a vehicle’s ECU means that we are fine tuning the vehicle’s map,which controls the engine’s overall performance. Here at JM Car Repairs not only can we deliver more torque and power, we also solve driving problems such as low rev ranges that have hesitation and flat spots, by re-mapping the ECU we will help solve these problems by  delivering more torque and power which produces a more responsive and enjoyable ride.

Can it help fuel efficiency?

Yes re-mapping your cars ECU can help to improve the MPG on your vehicle.  



JM Car Repairs, Selby

The Holmes, New Millgate,Selby,

North Yorkshire, YO8 4ER


No additional work is undertaken without the customers agreement

We will always advise the customer of any additional work and the costs involved before any work is done to your car.

Once the cost and work has been approved, the work is then completed accordingly, which means you are kept informed

at all times of what your service will cost.

Parts and labour guaranteed for 12 months

12 month parts and labour guarantee comes with every Servicing Stop car service, if at any time you require further

assistance or info on this please contact us and we will deal with your enquiry.


Diagnostics & Re-mapping

Affordable New & Budget Tyres

Car Valeting

Affordable Used Car Sales

Diagnostics Tests


At JM Car Repairs, Selby, North

yorkshire we pride ourselves with

excellent and professional vehicle

service.We offer a recovery service,

repair service and many other services.

All of our customers are 100% satisfied

with all our work and we aim  to make

every customer just as satisfied!

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